oh Hai. I’m raSHARD.

A funny, loving and energetic extrovert who enjoys days exploring the great outdoors with his dog, Poppy. He loves to cook, & explore his creativity visually.

earLY on.

I was born into the world on May 3rd 1988. I grew up in a small 4 square mile town in Westchester NY named Mount Vernon. Not big by any means, but very homey. A few notable celebrities made their way through the town. My interests involved; art, fashion, comedy, technology, and making the world a beautiful place by any means I saw fit. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t fly, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t the best. I strived for perfection. I woke up in the morning and pissed excellence!


still being written…

follow my thoughts…

“Food isn’t food, until someone eats it.”